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SplitSide Games
based in Philadelphia,PA
Release Date:
Out Now

August 23rd 2021 (Steam Early Access)

also coming soon to the Nintendo Switch
Our Story
SplitSide Games is a small  team from Philadelphia who have just published their first game Fling to the Finish on Steam!
PC & Mac, Nintendo Switch
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Studio Identity
SplitSide's goal is to create games that make people interact in new and engaging ways, both inside and outside the games they create. 
What is Fling to the Finish?
Fling to the Finish is a cooperative racing game where teams of two players race through colorful, chaotic obstacle courses while tethered by a stretchy elastic rope. 
When you and your friends first pick up the game your rope will get tangled in practically everything you pass. But as you quickly improve your communication skills you'll learn that the rope is your biggest asset. 
Experienced players can use the rope to swing around perilous obstacles, and fling their partner up ledges before they fall to their doom. When partners master using their rope, they're capable of acrobatic feats unachievable in any other platformer!
Fling is playable in single player, local co-op, or local / online competitive multiplayer with 1-16 players. 
Share a Controller!

Because you're literally attached to your partner, Fling to the Finish is a truly cooperative experience. If you want, you can even play through Fling to the Finish by sharing a controller with your partner. 

This control scheme is great for local co-op, and adds an extra dimension to the game. While you push and pull each other in game, try not to do the same in real life!

Independent Games Festival 2019: Best Student Game, Honorable Mention
Indie MegaBooth 2019: Official Selection PAX East Showcase
Intel University Games Showcase 2018: 1st Place Best Gameplay
Intel University Games Showcase 2018: 3rd Place Best Visual Quality
Gameacon 2018: Game of the Year
Gameacon 2018: Best Art Direction
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